Held Up Chapter Two
In shops starting the First week in March. Or contact Jimmy through this site to order copies.
Arctic Aviation
Held Up Chapter Two is now available at the Anchorage Museum as part of the Arctic Aviation exhibit.
Copies can also be found at the IGCA, Blue Hollaman, and Modern Dwellers in Anchorage. As well as at Mermaid Books and Bunnell Art Center in Homer.
Held Up Chapter One
The first issue of the Le Roman du Lievre Comic was releases December 2012. Copies can be found at a variety of shops in Anchorage and Homer or by contacting Jimmy through this site.
Riordan has begun work on a series of comic books following the structure of Le Roman du Lievre and drawing inspiration from Marginalia and Return to Me.
Anchorage Daily News
Mike Dunham wrote a review of Riordan's "New Work" at the IGCA entitled "A haunting road trip along the Alaska Highway" for the Sunday 6/23 issue of the Anchorage Daily New.
Read the article online at the ADN website.
Anchorage Press
Thank you to Mary Lochner for her article "The Meta Meta Meta Mind of Jimmy Riordan" about the June exhibit at the IGCA. The article can be found in the June 21-27 issue of the Anchorage Press.
Read articlew at Press website.
New Work at the IGCA
Riordan is showing new work at the International Gallery of Contemporary art in Anchorage, Alaska from the first of June through the first of July. The show includes lithographs, audio, food and sculpture made as a part of the Return to Me trips. This website will be updated with images from the show in the next couple weeks.
Return to Me in Europe
In January Riordan finished the Return to Me Tour, traveling through Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the UK. Visiting artists Enrique Marty, Stefano Minzi, Constantine Andiel, Emily Foden, Diann Bauer, Lucy Ward, Ben Cove, Simon Woolham, Marisa Favretto, and the grave of Francis Jammes. Thank you to all the artists. And to the Tate Britain for purchasing a copy of Marginalia: Appendix G.
Marginalia: Appendix G released on October 4th 2011
The catalog for the Marginalia and Return to Me project so far has been released through Rabbit Rabbit Press in Anchorage, Alaska. Printed in an edition of 200, the catalog is comprised of 272 full color pages with an exposed, sewn binding, hand made plastic dust jacket and air freshener. The first 100 include 53 postcards of the artwork from the 2009 Marginalia exhibit at the MTS Gallery.
Pictures, info, or buy a copy here...