Marginalia Road Show
Return to Me: 2010
The Marginalia: Exhibition and Roadtrip
May to June

"“Oh Francis, oh my friend, oh you in whom I alone have faith, return me to the earth. I do not feel at home here. Return me to my furrows full of mud. Return me to the paths of clay. Return me to my native valley, where the horns of the hunters stir the mist. Give back to me the ruts in the road from which I have heard the packs of hounds with their hanging ears singing the Angelus. Return to me my fear. "

In the spring of 2010 Leslie Rosa-Stumpf and James Riordan took the Marginalia exhibition on the road, returning the exhibit to its origins. The goal of this trip was to meet with all of the participating artists based within the United States and Canada.

Rosa-Stumpf and Riordan also collaborated with various art spaces across the country on exhibition-related projects and mini-shows, documented the trip, sent post cards and began to construct a Marginalia catalog.
Watch a video on this project.