James Riordan
Appendix A: UntitledJames Riordan
Appendix B: HareJames Riordan
Appendix C: Translating Le Roman du Lievre/ Skinning a RabbitJames Riordan
Appendix D: Cold Rabbit Pie and Candied Violets/ September and MayJames Riordan
Appendix E: Le Roman du Lievre (Audio Book)Florence Boyd
"He held his position like a king under this lancet arch of branches"Florence Boyd
"Like a ball with ears upon its back"James Riordan
Appendix F: Le Roman Du Lievre (Performance/ Meal)
Appendices: London 2007- 2008
In the fall of 2007, while living in London, James Riordan began what would become a continuing series of books, performances, and other work serving as appendices to his own eventual translation of the French poet Francis Jammes’ 1903 novel Le Roman du Lievre. Each piece, intended to explore ideas regarding translation, chronicle Riordan’s investigations into the novel’s subject matter. Though the earlier of these appendices were all books dealing with the artist’s personal relationship to the text, the latter, including a collaborative audio book and the preparation and presentation of a meal, would begin to take on more cooperative and public forms.